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Spinal Galant Reflex and ADHD

22 Sep



There have been many findings that retained Spinal Galant Reflex is connected to ADHD – like symptoms: Hyper-activity, inattentiveness,  impulsiveness. It has also been connected to bed-wetting after 5-years old.

What is retained Spinal Galant Reflex:

This reflex causes babies to curve their hip outward when the lower back is stroked next to the spine.




The purpose of this reflex is to encourage movement and prepare hips for walking and crawling.  Usually, the Spinal Galant Reflex should disappear by nine months. If this reflex is retained beyond 9-10 months it  is connected to problems such as bed-wetting, fidgeting and the inability to sit still, and inability to concentrate and form new memories.


So, if your child is hyperactive, and doesn’t concentrate, place her on the floor and stroke her back gently, close to the spine.  Did she move her hips? Did she start moving involuntary? Chances are, she has retained the primitive reflex she should have lost years ago.

What to do about it?


There are many techniques and exercises available to help her. Start with discussing Spinal Galant with your child’s Occupational Therapist. She might already have answers for you.

Secondly, try watching the videos and doing some of these exercises at home.   Search more on Youtube and repeat at home.

You might be pleasantly surprised with the results!

These are my personal picks:

1. Exercise (remember to go slow!)


2. Massage (going slow is the trick again!)

3. Here is an easy way to test for Spinal Galant (the hips should NOT move like they do in the video):