Dear Readers, I thought a lot about how often children feel anxious, fearful, angry and sad, and decided to do something about it. With my friend, Katya Sverdlov, we are developing an application, that should teach children how to mediate. Our meditations will be designed in such a way, that children will relate to them and even have fun doing them. I am writing short stories, full of imagery and adventures, with meditations embedded in them. Those stories will be read by a child, so that your children could relate to them naturally and effortlessly. No more counting breaths! No more boredom! Our stories will be fun, relaxing and joyful. But we need your support. Please, help us design the application by donating a small amount. Every little bit counts, don’t be shy to make a small donation. And of course, spread the good word about the good work that we are doing for our children.

8 Feb

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